Fidel Castro

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"A tale of frustrated love...The author skillfully produces realistic dialogue and substantial character development ... Readers will enjoy following these central figures as they pursue a complicated romance...against a backdrop of...the end of the Cold War, El Nino, the birth of the Internet, the dot-com bubble and 9/11." - Kirkus Reviews 

   Fidel Castro is Dead , a Tragi-Comic Lover Story, is the debut novel of Canadian/American writer Pradeep Persaud. Beginning in 1975, this  odyssey about love, life, and laughter transpires over three decades, and follows a group of individuals from the height of the Cold War to the depths of 9/11, from the dawn of the World Wide Web to the madness of the dotcoms, and from unimaginable wealth to unrelenting destitution before the story climaxes in a bizarre and ironic twist.

Fidel Castro is Dead, a satirical comedy, transports readers from coastal South America to bustling Manhattan; from laid-back California to roaring Niagara Falls; and from Mexico and Europe to the secluded beaches off the coast of Thailand, while constantly raising the question, ‘What is the meaning of it all?’

Triumphs and tragedies; premonitions and nightmares; dramatic twists of plot and gut-busting laughter form the backdrop to the ever-powerful attraction between two childhood friends turned lovers whose lives are perpetually affected, for better or for worse, by extraordinary events beyond their control.




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 Fidel Castro is Dead is the first novel by Canadian/American writer Pradeep Persaud.

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Fidel Castro 

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